Dr. Mark Asbach

Große Brinkgasse 2b, 50672 Köln
After graduating from RWTH Aachen with Ph.D. in electrical engineering and computer science, Mark was a researcher at Fraunhofer IAIS in the research group of Christian Bauckhage. There, he mainly worked on object recognition, classification, and tracking. During a larger research project, Mark and his colleague Barbara noticed the huge potential of mobile platforms like the iPhone for computer vision tasks. They decided to start a company that would create a mobile vision solution for data entry problems. Together with three other researchers and a business guy, they founded pixolus in 2013. The company provides consulting services, custom software development for scientific solutions, as well as turnkey solutions that can be licensed. It is currently best known for its "pixometer" solution, an SDK and a mobile app for reading utility meters, licensed by companies like innogy, yello/EnBW, Rheinenergie, Stadtwerke München, etc.


Oct 25, 2019