Hendrik Sämisch

CEO & Founder
Next Kraftwerke
Hendrik Sämisch is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Next Kraftwerke. Holding a degree in economics from the University of Cologne, he is specialized in energy trading and market analysis. While working as a research associate at the Cologne Institute of Energy Economics (EWI), Hendrik focused on how the increasing share of intermittent renewable energy in the system can be balanced in the future. His research led him to develop a business case for a Virtual Power Plant together with his colleague and co- founder Jochen Schwill. Under his co-leadership, Next Kraftwerke has grown into one of the largest Virtual Power Plants in Europe. By digitally connecting thousands of energy producing and consuming units, the Virtual Power Plant gives them market access, which he believes, ultimately leads to more investments in renewable energies and more democratization in the energy landscape.


Oct 24, 2019