Tim Betzin

CEO & Co-Founder
Rausgegangen, Codekarussell
After his studies, Tim got first hand StartUp experience in Berlin at SumUp Services, leading a team of >20 people for sales and customer service. In the summer of 2014 he returned to Cologne and started Codekarussell with 3 further Co Founders. Amongst others Codekarussell integrates the following brands and products: Rausgegangen (biggest platform for events in cologne, with native ios and android App) Rausgegangen village aka Wunderfest (ticketing and event organizer tool) Abend Works (performance marketing tool/agency solely for events) The newest product is the "Rausweis", a subscription modell that allows you to visit more than 250 events per months for 39 €. The Startup Safari session will be about the "Rausweis" as an instance of a scalable event subscription model.


Oct 25, 2019