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Become a Startup Role Model:

host your own Startup SAFARI Founder Session!  

Hosting a remote session at Startup SAFARI Rhineland opens up many new opportunities. Present your startup in an unconventional way to potential employees, investors, clients, press representatives, and fellow startups. 

Show the world how the Rhineland startups roll.

Have you discovered the magic potion on how to successfully close fundraising series? Do you want to share advice on how to find the perfect employees? Are you eager to tell about a major legal fuck-up you have had so no one commits the same mistake? Or show pride in how you managed to scale your startup to a self-sustaining company?

Being a startup is no cakewalk. So let the world hear your story! 

Startup SAFARI Rhineland is designed to open the Rhineland startup ecosystem to a global and local audience. It allows you to share your insights with fellow entrepreneurs and startup lovers, exchange ideas and hacks, to inspire and get inspired.

At Startup SAFARI which will take place within PIRATE Live, we offer our local founders the setting they deserve to tell their most shareable stories. The format to do so is called Startup SAFARI Founder Session and enables you to tell stories worth telling and thereby recruit new talent, expand your network, and establish your brand locally and internationally. And if you’re lucky enough, maybe you can even attract possible investors or new customers!

So here’s the deal

  • You’ll host an interactive 30 minutes online session
  • That can be an open discussion, a story or hands-on advice in these three main categories:
  1. Success story (e.g. how you doubled your employee number within 6 months)
  2. Founder advice (e.g. how to find the perfect co-founder)
  3. Fuckup story (e.g. what you’ve learned from you past failures)
  • And you’ll get a dedicated company profile on our platform, to present your startup to our international network

Are you in? We’re happy to discuss further ideas!


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Help us make the Rhineland’s Startup Ecosystem more prominent!

The sessions will be held remotely in small interactive groups.
We are eager to hear your story!
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